Chemport Europe.

De groene economie versnellen en de chemische sector in deze regio wereldwijd op de kaart zetten. Dat is de gezamenlijke ambitie van Chemport Europe: de Noord Nederlandse focus op biobased chemie. Chemical Clustert Emmen is onderdeel van Chemport Europe. Binnen Chemport Europe krijgt de bestaande bedrijvigheid in de regio een krachtige impuls, worden nieuwe (inter)nationale ondernemingen aangetrokken en krijgen veelbelovende start-ups een vliegende start.


Everything will become green: raw materials and energy
Crops such as potatoes, sugar beet and wheat are necessary for the development of innovative sustainable chemicals and products. The Dutch agricultural sector has the highest yield per square metre, is extremely efficient and is highly organised. A great foundation for the greening of chemistry. The ecosystem scores excellently in the area of heat and power; it already generates 8 gigawatts of green energy and 500 megawatts of wind energy. And this is just the start: the region continues to make substantial investments in renewable energy.


Affiliation: chains and connections
Businesses in the chemical industry can affiliate themselves with existing chains in Chemport Europe. So, the chemical industry in this ecosystem can rapidly become more sustainable and greener. This leads to a circular economy because several companies are active in the same sector and mutually exchange raw materials: intermediate chemicals around Delfzijl, polymers and fibres around Emmen. Companies that establish themselves here can join networks for nitrogen and hydrogen, while waste water treatment is also regulated centrally. The available infrastructure with harbours, airports, railway lines and motorways provides connections with markets around the world for purchasing and selling.


Working on the future: knowledge and talent
The University of Groningen and several universities of applied sciences, such as NHL Stenden, cooperate intensively within Chemport Europe. There are test environments where the spark of science ignites the fire of innovation. This leads to the creation of new ideas for sustainable products and applications. In addition, there are several MBO schools, such as the Drenthe College, where young persons with talent are prepared for positions in logistics, agri-business, the energy sector and the chemical industry. Talent that promises much for the future of green chemistry.


Shared ambition: quick decision-making
Entrepreneurs with ambitions to capitalise on the opportunities that green chemistry offers, are welcome at Chemport Europe. The shared ambition of entrepreneurs, governments and education ensures that decisions are taken quickly and permits are speedily awarded. The environmental movement also supports the greening of chemistry. This makes the time between a plan and reality short in Chemport Europe.


Website: Chemport Europe.

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